Centrum Apartments

Hereby, the operator of informs the visitors of the website personal data management practices, to protect the data as well as the rights of visitors and their enforcement opportunities.

1. Name of the controller: HDL-Apartman Kft.

2. Address of the data controller: 7622 Pécs Liszt Ferenc u 12.

3. Email: centrum@apartmanhotelpecs.hu

By using this website, you agree to the following terms, whether they have read them or not.



This Privacy Policy sets out how HDL-APARTMAN Ltd. (“Ltd.” or “we”) uses and

protects your personal data. Ltd. is the Controller for personal data given to us by guests or

prospective guests using the site booking. Apartmanhotelpecs.hu,

as well as for other groups of individuals identified in the policy such as guests

interacting with us through different channels, business contacts, and our staff.

Commission as ensuring enforceable protection of personal data equivalent to

data protection standards in the EU. The EU Commission decision can be seen on

their official website, for example their press release of 18 October 2017 at


eu/eu-us-privacy-shield .


In the course of its business activities, Ltd. requests, obtains, and processes

personal data from guests, prospective guests, business contacts, staff, and

other individuals. We aim to process the minimum personal data we need in

order to provide a good service. We recognise and respect the legal rights and

reasonable expectations of individuals over their personal data and privacy.

This Privacy Policy explains how we protect personal data and privacy. Many of

the principles we follow are driven by the EU’s General Data Protection

Regulation (GDPR). However, we comply with all applicable legal requirements

on personal data protection and privacy.













For reservations made online, in person at a hotel, or by phone, we ask for some

or all of the following personal data fields:

 Full name

 Title

 Arrival date

 Departure data

 Number of adults in the room

 Type of room

 Full credit card details

 Email address

 Full postal address

 Arrival time

 Free text – including for example any preferences



When sending you newsletters, we process your name, e-mail address and

occasionally, your home address. When setting your newsletter preferences, you

can specify the topic of the newsletter, and also the region it applies to.

Purpose of data processing:

The purpose of processing your data is to be able to notify you of our special

offers and news.








Debit card data


In case of room reservations, we request you to give the following debit card


 Name of debit card

 Number of debit card

 Expiry date of credit card/debit card


Purpose of data processing:

Providing reservations and charging the total amount of your reservation or only

a part of it, depending on cancellation.



Social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram)


The Ltd.  operated by the Company can also be contacted individually via Facebook and Instagram social

media portals. By clicking the “like” and “follow” buttons on the given page,

Facebook users may subscribe to the newsfeed published on the wall, by clicking

the “dislike” button they may unsubscribe and, by adjusting the newsfeed

settings, news they don’t wish to follow may also be deleted from their Facebook

wall. The Company is able to access its “followers’” profiles, however, it does not

record or process them in its own internal system.

Purpose of data processing:

Please visit the following links for more information regarding Facebook’s data

processing, data protection directives and regulations:

 https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/

 https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/update






You can contact us at any of our contact details (e-mail, Facebook, phone, by post

or through the forms developed for this purpose, e.g. inquiry). In such cases, we

assume your consent to the processing of personal data shared with us.

Purpose of data processing:

Maintaining contact with the requesting person, answering and resolving the


Legal basis of data processing:

Since you contacted us, the legal basis of data processing is your (presumed)

voluntary consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time, however, in this

case we cannot answer your request. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect

the lawful processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


Please note, that the data fields of certain forms have been developed according

to our experiences, thus you are only requested to give the data most necessary

for answering the question/request. The mandatory fields are marked with a red


Period of data processing:

After answering the relevant request, question or complaint, the messages and

the personal data obtained in this context shall be deleted after the year

following the given year. However, for tax and accounting purposes or if it is

necessary to protect the applicant’s rights and interests, these data are archived

and retained for as long as necessary which period is individually defined in each



Complaint management protocol

During the consumer complaint handling, if you do not agree with the handling

of your complaint or immediate investigation of the complaint is not possible,

the Company is obliged to immediately issue a protocol about the complaint and

its related position.


The protocol shall contain the following data:

 The name and address of the customer

 The place, time and mode of submitting the complaint

 The detailed description of the complaint of the customer, the list of

documents and other evidences provided by the customer

 The signature of the person issuing the protocol and—except for verbal

complaints communicated by phone or e-mail—of the customer

 The place and time of the issuance of the protocol

 In case of a verbal complaint communicated by phone or e-mail, the

unique identification number of the complaint


Automatically recorded data, cookies and “remarketing codes


When you open our website on a device (such as a laptop or desktop computer,

a smartphone or a tablet) select data of that device will be automatically

recorded. The data automatically recorded include the IP address of your device,

the date and time of your visiting our website, the browser type and the domain

name and address of your Internet provider. The recorded data will be

automatically logged by the web server of the website, without requiring your

consent or any dedicated activity on your part. The system uses the recorded

data to automatically generate statistical data. These data cannot be associated

with other personal data except where such an association is mandated by law.

These data will exclusively be used in an aggregated and processed form, to

correct errors and improve the quality, of our services, and for statistical


Purpose of data processing:

The technical development of the informatics system, to monitor of the service,

and to generate statistical data. In case of fraudulent activities these data can

also be used – in co-operation with the user’s Internet provider and the law

enforcement authorities – to determine the source of such fraudulent activities.

Legal basis of data processing:

The requirement of the provision of the service as per Act CVIII of 2001 on

certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services,

Article 13/A Section (3).

Period of data processing: 30 days from your opening our website.







Legal reference information


Under GDPR, Ltd., as the controller of the personal data which it processes,

must publish information about its legal name and how to contact it, together

with other details. This section contains all the information required by GDPR,

together with some useful additional legal information.

The full legal name of the legal entities which operates our hotels is:

Full legal name: HDL-APARTMAN Kft.

Foreign name: HDL-APARTMAN Ltd.

Its legal associate responsible for data protection is: Bókay Endre



Each apartment has a:

  • bedding
  • TV
  • WiFi
  • private bath:
    • shower
    • towels
    • bad linen
  • parking place
  • kitchenette:
    • refrigerator
    • electric cooker
    • kettle
    • sink
    • cutlery, glasses, plates